7 Jan 2015
Less than an hour north of Eureka off US101, Bald Hills comes alive with lupine in May. I wish the camera captured fragrance, too; the sweet smell sets you back a step just getting out of the car.  
31 Oct 2009

Lightning flashes outside my window and thunder rolls through the valleys of Bulembu, across the borders of Swaziland, and into the Drakenberg mountains of nearby South Africa. I have dutifully unplugged my laptop against electrical havoc. Rooibus tea is at my elbow. Spring rain is falling and the computer battery is still working. I’m back in Swaziland.

3 Sep 2009

If you attach a Leica lens to an Olympus camera, and that Leica lens is specifically designed for the FourThirds digital camera mount, then is the combinations still a "Lympa"? In any case, the Panasonic/Leica 25mm f1.4 Summilux lens offers wonderful low-light photography opportunities on my E-330, like this evening street-scene in Old Town Eureka.

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